How foam is given an upgraded second life

Let us take you through our process of recycle - reuse – remake

Where does recycled foam come from?

We source prime pre-consumer polyurethane trim and post-consumer materials from select suppliers all over Europe. Our in-house team procures prime pre-consumer polyurethane trim from high-end foam manufacturers and converters, and post-consumer materials by sourcing recycled mattresses and seats from specialist companies.

The majority of our raw material is recycled and used for rebond foam manufacturing, with the rest being traded or sold internationally to different industries.

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How is rebond foam made?

  1. Purchasing

    Polyurethane trim foam is purchased, baled by the supplier and shipped to our manufacturing facility.

  2. Shredding

    Large pieces of trim foam are crushed into smaller pieces. The pieces of shredded irregular foam are then converted to homogeneous particles.

  3. Production

    Particles are weighed for the desired density. Once the desired density is achieved, the particles are mixed and become dispersed, a binder and additives will be added, then finally they will be compressed to form a foam block structure.

  4. Block to Sheet Processing

    The blocks are dried and undergo a curing process. They can remain in raw state or be clean cut at a specific size in length and width. Furthermore, they can be split into sheets in a thickness requested by the customer. The blocks or sheets are packed and prepped for outbound transport by truck or container to the customer’s location.

How can we change the world together?

At Federal Eco Foam, we know you strive to be the best in your industry. And that means every component of your product, right down to the foam you use, needs to be the highest quality, suitable for easy processing in your factory with the lowest environmental impact. Customers are demanding it. And so are you.

For 50 years, our recycled foam has helped customers create products that delight, inspire and grow their companies. Take the lead in your industry with innovative products that are as great for your business as they are for the environment.

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