Our Roots in Recycling

Our roots trace back to the founding of United States-based company Federal International in 1914 as a pioneer in paper recycling. In the mid sixties, polyurethane foam was developed, which created a need to recycle the trim by-product from the manufacturing process. Federal International expanded its recycling reach to Europe to purchase trim for the United States carpet underlay industry.

As its purchasing power and supplier relationships grew, Federal International created the company Agglorex in 1972 in Belgium to manufacture its surplus trim foam into a recycled rebond foam product that had numerous desirable qualities and new application possibilities.

In 2021, Agglorex was rebranded to Federal Eco Foam, fully combining the European operations of trim trade and rebond foam manufacturing into a single entity. Federal Eco Foam is owned by parent company Federal International Inc. and part of the Federal International group of companies that includes sister companies Federal Recycling & Waste Solutions and Federal Foam Technologies.

Federal Eco Foam Today

We are a global leader in the trading and manufacturing of multipurpose rebond foams. Through innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, we have expanded our Belgium footprint into a global brand servicing customers on every continent.

Anchored in 50 years’ experience as pioneers in recycling and sustainable foam manufacturing, we have the proven success to elevate your product with solutions that are as great for its performance as they are for the environment.

Our Advantage

  • Custom Design & Manufacturing

    Unlike mass-produced, off-the-shelf products, we collaborate closely with customers to design and manufacture solutions for their unique purpose and specifications.

  • Independent Market Position

    As a private company, we have the flexibility to develop selective supplier relationships that give our customers access to the most diverse and highest quality materials on the market.

  • High in Quality, Low in Environmental Impact

    With many desirable properties including elasticity; durability; sound and thermal insulation; comfort; or shock cushioning, our foam adds high performance value to your product, while minimizing environmental impact as a 100% recycled material.

  • Infinite Innovation

    We continually innovate our products for new markets and applications, as well as evolving customer demands for recycled materials and end-of-life solutions.

A One Federal Family Tradition

We are a family-owned business and embrace values set forth by ownership that unite our group of companies under a One Federal vision of how we collectively operate.

Family: We are built on a family tradition of respect for employees.
Employees: We believe our employees are our most valuable asset, and promote a safe, equitable workplace that empowers people to reach their potential.
Diversity: We embrace a diverse business model and employee base to bring the most competitive solutions to our customers.
Environment: We provide products and services that reduce environmental impact to create a sustainable future.
Relationships: We develop trusted relationships with our customers and suppliers to achieve collective goals and win together.
Authenticity: We conduct business with honesty, integrity and transparency, upholding commitments made with our customers and suppliers.
Longevity: We are committed to quality and service to help ensure long-term success for our customers and suppliers.

Recycling the Past, Transforming the Future

At Federal Eco Foam, our vision is to help champion a world without waste by giving a second life to foam. For 50 years, we have done our part to reduce environmental impact through our process of recycle, reuse and remake.

With worldwide challenges in availability of natural resources and global consumption, we can all make a difference in protecting the environment for the future. We know if we provide the best quality, recycled foam products that meet our customers’ and greater society’s demands for end-of-life solutions, we can change the world.

For 50 years, we have done our part to reduce environmental impact through our process of recycle, reuse and remake.


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