Technical Foams

Transforming polyurethane and latex trim foam into high-quality rebond foam

  • Elasticity & comfort
  • Dynamic stiffness
  • Crush resistant
  • Insulative properties
  • Shock cushioning
  • Made from 100% recycled material
Foam sheets

Application possibilities

Quality expectations, technical requirements and the demand for sustainable product development have become more stringent in a wide range of industries. Foam processors are being challenged to meet these demands by sourcing the best and highest-performing materials on the market.

We manufacture customized rebond foam blocks, sheets, strips or profiles within a density range of 80 kg/m³–320 kg/m³. Within a certain density grade, we have the capability to vary the foam’s hardness depending on the application. Our product dimensions can be adapted to our customers’ specification, which optimizes the beneficial use during further processing.

Key benefits

Multi-faceted Foam

Rebond foam is one of the most versatile types of foam, known for its open-cell structure that holds shape under even the most stressful conditions, thus providing greater longevity and performance reliability. Made from recycled trim foam, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to other types of prime materials.

Compared to more traditional synthetics such as polyethylene, mineral wools or rubber, rebond foam has several desirable characteristics, including:

  • Elasticity & comfort
  • Dynamic stiffness
  • Crush resistant
  • Sound & thermal insulation
  • Shock cushioning
  • Made from 100% recycled material

Infinite Possibilities

The applications with rebond foam are nearly limitless, as it is easily processed and customized into various densities and sizes. We manufacture blocks and sheets in the exact height, width and length as specified by the customer.

  • Thickness: 5–150 mm
  • Width: Up to 2000 mm
  • Length: Up to 2500 mm

Consistent Quality & Reliability

For 50 years, quality and reliability have been our cornerstone. We continually innovate our product design and quality to meet ever-changing requirements of our customers, both today and in the future. While our offerings have evolved, our commitment to quality and service remains constant as we seek to deliver the best rebond foam products that add value for our customers and help them change the world with sustainable business practices.


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