Add an extra layer of level of impact absorption to your throws with a Nagekomi crash mat

  • High impact absorption
  • Anti-skid design
  • easy application
  • Utility
Nagekomi crash mat
Nagekomi crash mat

Application possibilities

For practitioners of Nagekomi, we offer crash mats that have been developed in collaboration with judo champions. These mats are designed for teaching and practicing throwing techniques and receiving throws, providing extra cushioning for comfort and a safe landing. With our crash mats, you can have confidence in the safety and productivity of your practice.

Key benefits

  • High Impact Absorption : The Nagekomi interior consists of a specially developed rebond polyurethane foam with a hardness that allows for repetitive throws and falls without pain or injury.
  • Anti-Skid Design : The diamond structured anti-skid rubber bottom is fully laminated to the bottom of the core, which offers a fixed placement.
  • Easy Application : With its beveled ends (up from 40 to 80mm) and its size of 2000 x 1000mm, the crash mat can be seamlessly placed between two regular martial arts mats.
  • Utility : The Nagekomi crash mats are lightweight and can be used in place of our regular martial arts mats, providing the same quality, stability, support and safety.

Technical specifications

  • Colors: Blue


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