Mat Underlay

Prolong the life cycle of your martial arts mats with a supportive foam mat underlay

  • Added impact absorption
  • Enhanced anti-skid protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy maintenance

Application possibilities

For martial arts facilities with flooring such as concrete or timber, our rebond foam underlay is an additional layer that helps secure your mats and prolong their life cycle. We manufacture the underlay to the size of your mats so it fits perfectly beneath them and in a variety of hardnesses or densities for the requirements of your space.

The foam flooring underlay is easily removed or repositioned as many times as needed without compromising its anti-skid quality, function or thermal insulation properties.

Key benefits

  • High Impact Absorption: The rebond foam underlay provides additional shock absorption once put under the martial art mat.
  • Enhanced Anti-Skid Protection: Because of the extreme forces exerted by the martial arts practitioners, the martial arts mat is in constant motion during training or combat. The rebond foam underlay offers extra anti-skid protection underneath the martial arts mat and helps prolong its life cycle.
  • Thermal Insulation: Rebond foam is a great thermal insulator and helps mitigate the cold touch of the mats for a more pleasant practice.
  • Easy Maintenance: The foam underlay is vacuum safe and easily cleaned.

Technical specifications

  • High-density rebond open-cell foam in various hardnesses to help ensure balanced movements on the martial arts mats
  • Size range: 2m x 1m in variable thickness of 20 till 60mm, depending on the required floor elevation
  • Material components in accordance with REACH compliance


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