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Agglorex Nage Komi Martial Arts

This new training tool is ideal to help teaching throwing techniques. The new Nage Komi mat is designed to absorb impact shocks. Fits perfectly into your existing judomat area because of its size (2000 x 1000 mm). Slanted on 2 sides for better footing.


Technical specifications

Interior : Interior in AGGLOFOAM, rebonded PU-foam, in a composition specially developed to arrive at equally hard NAGE KOMI mat allover.
Surface : The surface and sides are fully laminated with a very strong smooth vinyl.
Bottom : Antiskid bottom of waffle rubber on heavy jute is also fully laminated to the bottom of the interior. The edges of the antiskid material are reinforced with a hotmelt.
Corners : The corners are perfectly sealed.
Sides : cut slantwis
Colour : blue
Density : 80kg/m3


Agglorex Nage Komi


Length bottom : ca 2000mm
Length top : ca 1400mm
Width : ca 1000mm
Thickness bottom : ca 40mm
Thickness top : ca 80mm