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Tradition of Quality

About 30 years ago AGGLOREX started producing mats in martial arts. From the beginning AGGLOREX has highlighted the superior quality of its products, which have always been appreciated by practitioners of various fighting disciplines.Today AGGLOREX still enjoys worldwide high recognition as the reference for top level competition mats. Particularly in the 80ís AGGLOREX became the leading innovator in tatamis for judo, aikido, jiu-jitsu, grappling and other martial arts disciplines in the United States. From that moment on, many container loads found their way overseas year after year.

At the cradle of the MMA-sport

Itís no coincidence that precisely in theUnited States, a relatively new martial art discipline came to fruition: MMA also known as Mixed Martial Arts. As an immediate result of the rapidly growing popularity of this martial arts sport, a new standard in mats needed to be created for the special requirements of the MMA fights. AGGLOREX - as a specialist in sports floor surfaces - developed upon request a genuine MMA mat. Today this mat is for many MMA athletes an indisputable guarantee for a championís fight on a safe, comfortable and reliable underground!

Satisfied MMA mat users

In MMA only 1 motto rules: who is the best? To experience this challenge, nothing can be left to chance in the run-up to the ultimate fight. MMA athletes must be able to prepare themselves in the best conditions for these demanding fights. The presence of a secure and comfortable mat will enjoy the high appreciation of the fighters. A fighting surface which provides a pleasant skin touch and avoids injuries or burning wounds is essential. On top of that the true MMA champion expects no less than to move on a uniform surface in terms of elasticity and hardness. Any contact with the floor should result in its expected landing: not too hard nor too soft. The AGGLOREX MMA mat has been thoroughly tested on all these aspects!


Technical specifications upon request.

Satisfied MMA mat buyers
  Just as important as satisfied MMA mat users are satisfied mat buyers.
The surface of an AGGLOREX MMA Mat is smooth and therefore it can be cleaned very easily.
Besides the estimated life cycle of an AGGLOREX MMA Mat, depending on the intensity of its use, is expected to be Ī 15 years !
A top quality product is guaranteed by using the best available materials and modern machinery with the most advanced production techniques available.
Buying an AGGLOREX MMA mat is a very wise investment which will easily recover its cost !

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